King Godin, Ruler of Tel' Mor


Symbol: A Card
Weapon: His Witt
Alignment: Whatever he wants to be
Favored Class: Anyone willing to challenge him

King Godin is ruler of all Tel`Mor. None thought a Gnome would ever be their King until Godin that is. Godin has a contest every 3 years to anyone who wishes to challenge his rule. If they can defeat him or convince him to let them rule he will bow to them. Some say he is so brilliant the God’s allow him to walk among them when he wishes. Godin has lived for 30 generations and rumors are it is because the caretaker himself is not enough to defeat Godin. Godin’s achievements speak for his right to rule, none deny he is the best ruler ever seen but it is known he has secrets. Godin has never been defeated in a one of one battle.



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