Tel' Mor

Chapter 1

The Adventuring License

Chapter 1
The Adventuring License

Three adventurers, Utharrxydn (Uthar) the dragonborn, Astergos Shakhrami (Asha) the minitaur and Wahnsinn the human all look to begin their journey by starting with obtaining an adventuring license! Low Port is where this adventure begins, how they got there does not matter what they did once they got there, now that’s a story to tell.

The three new companions were told they would take the test together as a group and were given 8 rules that pertain to the test itself.

1. You cannot die, we monitor the test closely and you will be pulled out of the test before you die.
2. There are 4 chambers within the test. The Knight, The King, The Outcast and The Magician; your group will get to decide which room to begin in.
3. You must complete at least 2 chambers and find the exit of the test in order to pass.
4. You are encouraged to complete as many chambers as you can, additional chambers could give additional experience which may prove to be vital when actually adventuring.
5. You are encouraged to work together as a team to achieve your goals. Those who do not work together tend to fail.
6. If you are stuck in a chamber and cannot complete it your group may state “We wish to abandon this challenge” If a majority of your group does so, the chamber will reset and you will be free to exit. However, you will not be able to attempt that same chamber again.
7. There is a resting area within the test should your group wish to rest and attempt additional chambers.
8. The exit is on the 3rd floor; all you need to do in order to exit is step on the teleporting pad. However should you defeat the 3rd floor guardian you will be granted additional experience upon completion.

Uthar spoke first, showing his wishes to begin in the chamber of the knight, Asha and Wahnsinn without restraint agreed it was as good a place as any to begin and followed Uthar onto the teleport pad. The three found themselves in a solid stone room magically lit; all it contained was the pad they arrived on, a small lever and a door out of the room.

Not before finding out where the door lead and triggering a trap which launched an arrow straight at Uthar did they begin the first chamber. Asha pulled the lever and the ground turned to thick mud slowing all of their movements as two silver longswords magically lifted out of the mud and began swinging at them on their own by some magical power. Asha using his monk training struck the blade with all his might bringing one of them to what he thought would be its end, but it would not give up. Wahnsinn with Uthar battling the other blade at last moment turned and landed a finishing blow on Asha’s enemy with a bolt from his trusty crossbow. Not before long both enemies were destroyed and absorbed back into the mud, thus finishing the challenge of the knight.

The group exhausted from their battle found the resting area in the test and took time to recover before heading to their second challenge within the test, the chamber of the king. Similar to the first chamber all that was in the chamber of the king was a lever, however the walls, floors and ceiling were all made of pure gold. Asha, again, pulled the lever to begin the test. Immediately after the chamber door sealed and a strange green mist began to rise up from the ground. Uthar noticed a small note had appeared on the wall near them reading.

“To live, one must fall.”

After a moment’s hesitation and the mist had had time to begin damaging the group, Uthar sacrificed himself without a second thought and threw himself to the ground completely engulfed in the green shroud. Not a second after did the mist vanish and door open again, as the chamber of the king was completed.

At this point Uthar urged to push on and take more challenges head-on within the test; however Wahnsinn reluctant to have met the minimum requirements to pass the test used his charisma to persuade the others to seek the exit and complete the test. As the group made their way to the 3rd floor they found a room scattered with metal bits and broken parts of armor and weapons; while in the center of the room stood a metal suit of armor seemingly untouched by whatever left the rest of the mess. As Uthar took a closer look at the suit it came to life and struck him with its blade with enough force to cause him to stumble back. The group continued fighting the suit for a few moments Asha striking it from behind with his martial arts, Wahnsinn firing bolts from afar, and Uthar attacking with his war hammer and shield. As the metal from around the room began almost magnetically being pulled to the suit and strapping itself on making it an even more dangerous foe, Asha took the opportunity to step into the teleport ring and exit the test, Wahnsinn sprinted across the room to follow as Uthar single handedly kept the magically powered suit distracted. Soon Uthar was but alone in a one on one battle with the armor exchanging blows back and forth, as the armor seemed to be on the brink of destruction a final blown was landed on Uthar.

As a majority of the group was able to finish the test, they were all congratulated and awarded their very own Adventuring Licenses. After such success the group had agreed to travel together, at least for now. The adventurers begin making their way to the Mistvale realm to assist the elves with their goblin problems. On their way they found themselves in Der’A Du where they had noticed a foul presence lurking about yet everyone there seemed cheerful and happy.


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