Colossus Military Structure

Colossus Military Structure

The Colossus military structure is not like most military or army structures. On all matters dealing with offensive combat, such as attacking an enemy, any combat where the armies have to move out of the greater area of colossus, as well as training the colossus council decided the best course of action to take and send the orders to the legions. The Council has 5 members who require a majority vote to take action. Anything dealing with the defense of Colossus the Defender of Colossus is fully in charge. The Defender of Colossus is also a member of the Colossus Council, due to the knowledge and memories bestowed upon him/her from the Hourglass Hammer.
Colossus has three primary groups it spreads its military into: Smelters, Berserkers and Defenders.

Defender Legions
Known for their heavy armor and large shields, these Dwarves are always on the front line of combat forming a phalanx worthy of their titles. Dwarves who are a Defender tend to be very neat, organized and prefer order. A common misunderstanding by people who live outside of Colossus, The successor to the Defender of Colossus does not always come from the Defender Legions.

Smelter Legions
The Smelters are Dwarves who have adapted to the incredible heats produces from fire. Usually these warriors work as smiths in their free time. Smelters use clockwork trickery within their weapons and armor to utilize fire in combat. A skill of a smelter is not measured in their ferocity, but in how flashy and intimidating they can look with the fire and their trinkets.

Berserker Legions
Berserkers hold by their name in combat, they use very little armor but they don’t need it; they are too busy cleaving through enemy lines to worry about getting harmed. With absolutely no fear of death these warriors are a unit to instill fear in enemies. Berserkers are primarily noticed by their crazy haircuts, Mohawks, crazy 4 foot hair spikes, dreadlocks and many other variations. Berserkers are also known to go insane as they age; most believe that it is because of the amount of carnage they see while in combat.

Colossus Military Structure

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