Ebon Kingdom Military Structure

Ebon Kingdom Military Structure


City Guard / Soldier
The Ebon Kingdom City Guard shares the same armor as the basic soldier and for a purpose. Should an emergency ever take place, your average city guard may be asked to join the army for the protection of the Ebon Kingdom. Never has this happened, but the system is in place. This is generally the rank people would enlist into the army as.

High Guard / Spearman
A High Guard can be thought of as a guard captain, usually there is one for every 10 city guards. Inside of their helmet is a specially crafted lens that can detect and read adventuring licenses from afar even if they are hidden. In the center of their armor is a large blue jewel like object, this object is often used to filter the air around the guard and detect traces of magic. Similar armor is used by the Spearmen in the military making them a key front line unit in any battle. It usually takes several years of dedication and hard work for a city guard or soldier to be promoted to such a rank.

An archer is the other option many choose when enlisting with the military; however they do not have a counterpart within the city guards’ structure. Most women who join the military tend to select this as their profession as they are not required to wear quite as much armor and tend not to be in the front lines of battle.

A Sentinel is a knight not to be messed with. Sentinels are made up of Vengeance Paladins with incredibly thick armor that will fight until the end, and the end is usually very hard to get them to. Only the most dedicated of men and women reach this position within the military.

Griffon Knight
The Griffon Knight is the heavy cavalry of the Ebon Military, with such a prestigious position it is nearly impossible for a normal enlisted man / woman to obtain this rank. Most of the Griffon Knights are sons or daughters of previous Lieutenants, Commanders or Generals who know nothing but the military life style. Instead of wielding the traditional lance or spear as cavalry do, these knights wield great axes and with the velocity of a diving griffon they can deal tremendous amounts of damage to either forces or structures.

Lieutenant / Commander / General
Lieutenants, Commanders and Generals all tend to have a very similar set of armor. This armor is incredibly light and allows the user to remain as agile as they would be without any armor on without sacrificing defense. Each Lieutenant position actually has 5 Lieutenants within it who work together to pass on the commands of the Commander above them.
The primary difference between the armor of each rank is the primary color that is present.
Generals – Red
Commanders – Green
Lieutenants – Yellow

Ebon Master General
The Ebon Master General is the highest rank possible within the Ebon Military, someone who only answers to King Godin himself. It is not required but has been made tradition that each Ebon Master General will challenge King Godin on a one on one fight as part of their retirement of the position, none have ever settled for anything less than death as the deciding factor of victory or defeat. The challenges between the Ebon Master Generals and King Godin are the only challenges never to be made public.

Ebon Kingdom Military Structure

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