Mistvale Military Structure

Mistvale Military Structure


The Mistvale Military all follows under the control of the Mistvale Command. The names of the members in the command are never released to anyone outside of the Mistvale community so no one not from there can pinpoint exactly who is in charge of the area.

The Scouts of Mistvale are jacks of all trades and usually the entering level of the Military. Every new recruit must spend at least 25 years as a scout under each tree of the military structure (minimum 75 years) before being able to choose a prime profession between Combat Caster, Archer or Swordmaster.

Combat Caster
Combat Casters are the first military profession branch. These units are exactly what their names suggest, they undergo years of studying to master the ability to weave spells in with their attacks. The armor and weapon of Combat Casters are made of pure magic, not metals or leathers, and creating these items is part of their training for this profession. This ability makes them a key unit for infiltration as they can hide and call out their armor and weapons at any time.

Archers are the second military profession branch in the Mistvale military. Taking archery to the next level these units are able to place the tip of an arrow into an insect at over 900 yards away. Not only are these units deadly from a distance, but they undertake years of training in stealth. If you are wondering around Mistvale, chances are you have already passed by several archers without ever knowing.

The swordmasters are the third military profession branch in the Mistvale military. Just as their name suggest, these units are almost legendary with a blade. Their answer to an enemy with a shield is the correct placement of their sword to make that unit drop the shield. Any army that has ever face these units head on always spread the same rumors, that these swordmasters strike with such speed they never got the chance to even defend themselves. The swordmaster is the only unit in the Mistvale army not to carry a ranged weapon, their answer to ranged enemies is to throw a blade into the enemy’s chest and continue fighting with another sword.

Mistvale Military Structure

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